Video: Amy Correia “Bow to the Fire”

Photo credit: Chris Strother

The immediate reaction to the latest video from Amy Correia is that it is simply joyful, both sonically and visually.  There’s a fabulous, foot-tapping, jazzy groove, and sing-along melodic vocals, underpinned by Kimon Kirk’s impressive bass.  Indeed, one of the highlights of ‘Bow to the Fire’ is his dynamic solo about three minutes in, his fingers dancing on the fretboard with style.  The overall feel is upbeat and absorbing with unexpected twists; it’s music to lose yourself in and dance along to.  Correia’s words are assured, hopeful and encouraging: “And all we have to give the world and God is ourselves // as we are.”  The video includes snapshots, representing different places and times, that have in common a sense of freedom, happiness and family, best exemplified by the scenes of Correia’s parents dancing with abandon, sharing smiles and creating memories of good times.

Correia says of the video: “Director Jessie Carter Clavin and I decided to take an impressionistic, slice of life approach in shooting the video for ‘Bow to the Fire’, assembling moments to reflect a feeling of immediacy through changing seasons and shifting locales. The seed idea for the video was an image in my mind’s eye of my mom dancing, as my dad had told me in a phone call that she leapt up and started dancing when she first heard the song. That central image of spontaneity, playfulness and joy sparked a trip to visit my parents in their home in Massachusetts, and they agreed to make cameo appearances in the video. We then went back to California to capture celebratory footage of blossoming cherry trees and a performance with Kimon Kirk, my good friend and the producer of ‘As We Are’, who also played bass on the album.”

‘Bow to the Fire’ is taken from Amy Correia’s EP ‘As We Are’, which has just been released.  It’s a varied mix of styles, each song displaying Correia’s fine songcraft.  Check out all the songs but start here with ‘Bow to the Fire’.  And smile.

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