Video: Marin Patenaude “Cold Front”

There is excellent songcraft and musicianship on display in Marin Patenaude’s new single, ‘Cold Front’, taken from the new album, ‘Sight Unseen’.  The video- snowy landscapes contrasting with homely scenes – reinforces the delicate beauty of the song.  Patenaude reflects on the song: “I came home to my cabin one night and the window above the kitchen sink was broken. I was freaked out and didn’t understand why, expecting there to be a wild animal hiding in my house somewhere, until I shone a flashlight on the dead grouse in the sink. The wind was howling through my kitchen, I had a broken heart, and felt alone in the world. I fixed the window with a clip-in storm panel and sat in the candlelight with my guitar and tried to calm my nerves. We’ve all had moments of feeling alone, wondering if a small change of action could’ve changed everything. I think allowing yourself to sit with those feelings, not try and fix them or pretend they don’t exist, but actually allow them, is a healthy way to move through painful experiences.”  Marin Patenaude’s clear, pure vocal is a joy to listen to.

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