Video: Memorial “Honest”

Photo credit: Sequoia Ziff

Here is the beautifully-shot video for Memorial’s recent single ‘Honest’.  It’s a gently rhythmic and hugely atmospheric song that takes us into the life of a man struggling with his own private depression.  Featuring a gorgeous vocal melody and a sound that expands and swells with sonic layers, the song draws the listener into the main character’s sombre introspection.  Mirroring the song’s beauty, The Lingholm Estate provides a gorgeous visual backdrop to the video, which is lovely piece of art in itself.

Memorial say of the video: “We had an incredible time filming this video. We had the wonderful privilege of using a boathouse and surrounding grounds in The Lingholm Estate with massive thanks to Joe and Jenny (the owners) for letting us stay the night! The video centres around the main character (Jeremy Zinunu) who has a comfortable life, but suffers from feeling numb and lost, we act as light relief, but eventually he needs to find the strength in himself to not need us as a distraction. Jeremy and our amazing director Gregg Houston both braved the freezing cold lake for some of those beautiful shots , we can’t be thankful enough for that and everything else they and the team managed to achieve. It was essentially a holiday for us, boating on the lake, curry outside with a nice fire and staying in a beautiful holiday home.”

‘Honest’ is the latest single from the British folk duo’s forthcoming self-titled debut album, due to drop today, 29th April 2022.  Through their critically-acclaimed singles, Memorial has been steadily building a solid fan-base, with previous single ‘Latchkey’ reaching over 2.5 million streams as well as being nominated for Song of the Year at the AMA UK Awards.  Ollie Spalding and Jack Watts were long-time friends before they ever made music together.  That open, honest relationship is key to the effectiveness of their songs, which cover the range of human emotions and experiences and the overall impact is heartfelt and true.

Of the debut record, they say: “The album was a joint therapy for us, there would be no songs if we didn’t create a sacred space to talk openly and honestly without prejudice. In the process we were able to reach the depths of our heartbreak, family issues, loneliness and friendship and cathartically wrenched them into 12 songs. We’re unbelievably proud of the outcome. It’s our first album, a truly monumental thing for us, it felt like we were working towards it before it was even a possibility, so the fact it’s finally here is mind blowing. We poured everything into it and can’t wait to put it out into the world and share it with you.”  This promises to be a outstanding debut and fans of Memorial’s brand of moody folk-pop will find much to absorb and enjoy.  Check it out.

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