Video Premiere: Cash Langdon “That Kid”

There’s a real summery feel to Cash Langdon’s new single ‘That Kid’; it’s the sort of song that can soundtrack those long summer days and warm nights.  Over a rhythmic strum on his fuzzy-sounding guitar, Langdon’s voice has a dreamy quality to it but, when listeners focus on the lyrics, they will find a song exploring some darker emotions.  Intriguing lines like, “The moon only glows part the time,” and, “That kid’s embalmed,” give insight into personal themes of spiralling negativity and feeling stuck in life and in relationships.  Langdon explained the song for AUK: “‘That Kid’ is about feeling helpless in a situation when you most want to help someone. It was the first song written for the album and laid the groundwork for a lot of what the rest of the album would be about. Inescapable pessimism, family and necessary distance from home are all things touched on in the song as well as elsewhere across ‘Sinister Feeling’.”

‘That Kid’ is the atmospheric first single from the forthcoming album ‘Sinister Feeling’, which is due for release on 14th October 2022.  The multi-instrumentalist had played drums, bass and guitar in various bands before embarking on this solo project.  After being based in Washington, Langdon decided to move back to Birmingham, Alabama, where he grew up.  This decision and his feelings about reclaiming his hometown inspired the songs on the new album.  He explains: “The album mostly has to do with my reframing of my own life in Alabama – being so highly critical of it when I moved away, and feeling much more settled and comfortable now.”  Beginning in Birmingham on album-release day, readers from the USA can catch him on tour throughout October.

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