Will Hoge announces summer UK dates

Will Hoge has announced a limited run of UK tour dates in Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, and London from tomorrow until 12th of July. The Nashville singer-songwriter has received critical praise for his latest album ‘My American Dream’, (Rolling Stone naming it as one of the Best Albums of 2018) which came out last October via EDLO/Thirty Tigers in the UK. It’s described as “the fiercest, angriest, and most heartfelt collection of songs he’s released… Eight songs of rabble-rousing political commentary that turns a critical eye on the crisis of conscience and culture threatening to tear apart his country, the album is Hoge’s impassioned portrait of what he holds dear — and what we all might risk losing.” 

Of ‘My American Dream’, which Americana UK rated 9/10 on its release, we said: “You don’t have to have an eye on the global rise of populism to connect with this record. It probably helps, but it isn’t a pre-requisite. Nope, if you love your guitars alternatively jabbing, punching, ringing and lifting songs to quite euphoric levels then this is for you.”

The album’s topics range from border police to political corruption to anti-intellectualism. Poverty. Gun control. A broken education system. Indifference to others’ suffering. Each of these things weighed on Hoge, who says laughing: “Those things kept me up at night — and this record was less expensive than therapy. Silence couldn’t be a part of my deal anymore”.

With ‘My American Dream, Hoge hopes that others will follow his lead, see the world through someone else’s eyes, and maybe begin to fix the mess we’re living in. “I don’t want to write songs telling people how they should feel” Hoge says. “If anything, maybe there’s a 16- or 17-year-old kid in the small-town South who has rumblings of these feelings but doesn’t have anybody in his little community to go, ‘Hey man, think about it like this for a second. Here’s another group of people’s perspectives’”.

Will Hoge UK Dates 2019:
9th July, Broadcast, Glasgow
10th July, River Town 2019, Bristol
11th July, Manchester, Night & Day
12th July, London, Borderline

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