Listen to new Townes Van Zandt album in full

Well that’s it for this week dear readers, and what a wretched one it’s been in various ways. We leave you anyway with something decidely not-wretched. The lovely people over at NPR Music are currently streaming a new Townes Van Zandt record on their site which comes out a week today. Continue reading “Listen to new Townes Van Zandt album in full”

Dave Ernst “Hickory Switch” (Eastwood Records, 2019)

After nearly three decades in numerous Louisville, Kentucky bands, Dave Ernst releases his debut solo album, and has got it just right. Short and snappy, with no room for filler, Ernst includes six of his own songs – no doubt carefully curated through his time on the scene – carefully matched with two fitting covers. Influences are proudly worn and referenced. Originality is fine, but if you get the basics right like this, the relative lack of freshness is almost a bonus. Strong songs, gutsy voice and lashings of telecasters in a clear mix mean that, in this case, familiarity breeds anything but contempt. Continue reading “Dave Ernst “Hickory Switch” (Eastwood Records, 2019)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Ry Cooder “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live”

Down here in The Bunker we have a simple sort of justice which applies when one of our number is accused of doing something wrong. They are questioned and then allowed a right of reply. For example: (Q)“It was your turn to take the rubbish out – why didn’t you?” (A) “I am in the process of taking the rubbish out but there was a lot of it and I couldn’t carry it all” or (Q) “You drank the last of the gin – why didn’t you replace it?” (A) “I am en route to the supermarket to replensish supplies” or (Q)“You are a rascist anti-Semite – how can you live with yourself?” (A) “I am a life-long campaigner against racism in all its forms including anti-Semitism”. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Ry Cooder “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live””

The Lemonheads, Engine Rooms, Southampton, 17th February 2019

Promptly onstage mere seconds prior to 9pm  and offstage by 10 and playing a career spanning setlist of 25 plus songs in between, Evan Dando set quite a pace tonight. Pace and haste, perhaps not two words one would normally associate with the Lemonhead chief. After all, the new album ‘Varshons 2’ follows on from 2009’s initial ‘Varshons’ album so it seems that Dando is not in a rush to shake off the 1990’s slacker rock tag. Yet, donned in a fine white blazer matching his SG guitar, Dando and the current Lemonheads four-piece line up were straight out of the blocks with quick fire songs from the early catalogue including ‘Hospital‘, ‘Down About It’, ‘The Turnpike Down’ and ‘Its A Shame About Ray’. Continue reading “The Lemonheads, Engine Rooms, Southampton, 17th February 2019”

Ryan Adams UK and Ireland tour cancelled

News travels fast since our story, er, half an hour ago. The Royal Albert Hall has just tweeted that “The Ryan Adams UK & Ireland tour has been cancelled. Full refunds to ticket purchasers from authorised outlets will be processed by end of day on Monday. Please allow time for the repayment transaction to hit your account.” So there you go, no boycotts needed after all.

Renee Wahl “From Here To There” – Listen

There’s something not going quite right on Renee Wahl’s roadtrip, captured on ‘From Here To There‘, taken from her new album ‘Cut To The Bonewhich is out on the ides of March.  She’s thinking about love and how it doesn’t always work out the way it seems it could do “the prettiest black-haired blue eyed boy I’d ever seen / how we tried, how we tried“.  And now there’s nothing to be done but head out alone and  “drive drive drive drive drive / and the highway it rolls on and the wind and the wild birds sing their own sweet song“.  There’s an extra edge and a lonesome shiver given to the song by the echoey guitar of Stuart Mathis.

Ryan Adams fans in the UK speak out: “I won’t go whether I sell them or not”

Interesting piece in The Guardian today following the overnight news that Ryan Adams has been dropped from 6 Music’s Festival, which speaks to a number of his fans about his forthcoming UK tour which is as of this morning still going ahead. One of the interviewees tells them: “I can’t imagine it’s going to be anything other than a disaster or a total circus. Continue reading “Ryan Adams fans in the UK speak out: “I won’t go whether I sell them or not””