Video: Chuck Prophet “Get Off the Stage”

So, last week saw Donald Trump acquitted.  As he celebrated, he said: “I’ve done wrong things in my life, I will admit…but this is what the end result is,” holding up the newspaper headline.  Who knows what this week will bring?  But we’ll start it with this fabulous stop-motion video from Chuck Prophet, not normally known for being political.  However, here he is letting us know what he thinks about Trump’s impeachment.

Wacos release new protest album “Resist!”

We leave you oh dear reader this weekend with news that just in time for the US primary season, Waco Brothers are releasing a collection of their songs about resistance and protest on February 28th, entitled ‘RESIST!’ The Chicago-based/UK-born country punks have been politically outspoken throughout their career and the new release brings together their most inspiring and rabble-rousing tracks – many of them from out-of-print albums, all of them never before released on vinyl before in the U.S. Continue reading “Wacos release new protest album “Resist!””

Eric Brace and Last Train Home “Daytime Highs & Overnight Lows” (Red Beet Records, 2020)

Last Train Home formed in Washington DC in the 1990s, releasing six well-received albums between 1997 and 2008. ‘Daytime Highs & Overnight Lows’ is their first release for 11 years. Having moved to Nashville in 2004 it became increasingly difficult for main man Eric Brace to keep the band active. During that intervening period Brace wrote and recorded with Nashville songwriters Peter Cooper and Thomm Jute. However, in 2019 Brace gathered members of Last Train Home together to make a new album and the result is impressive. Continue reading “Eric Brace and Last Train Home “Daytime Highs & Overnight Lows” (Red Beet Records, 2020)”

Pinegrove “Marigold” (Rough Trade, 2020)

In 2017, Pinegrove founder and principle songwriter Evan Stephens Hall issued a statement saying that a woman with whom he’d had a brief relationship, had accused him of “sexual coercion”. The band’s ‘Skylight’ album was put on hold, the band took a break from touring and Evans underwent therapy. The alleged victim never made a formal or public complaint but the episode left a cloud hanging over the band. Continue reading “Pinegrove “Marigold” (Rough Trade, 2020)”

Video Premiere: Neon Moon “Darlin'”

We’re delighted to share the premiere of the brand new single from Neon Moon.  The song is accompanied by a home-video style recording of the duo playing and singing on the beach in Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel, which suits the longing vocal and laid-back melody, looking and sounding charmingly vintage.  Noelle and Josh Bohannon know how to write a song; their songcraft was honed through their 52 Song Project back in 2015 when they wrote a song a week for a year.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Neon Moon “Darlin’””

Judy Collins – Union Chapel, London, 20th January 2020

Before Judy Collins took the stage there was a detailed announcement that this was to be a gig where the use of cameras, phone cameras, Ipad cameras, and all other recording devices were requested to not be used – for the greater enjoyment of the music – not only by the rest of the audience but also those who would otherwise be concentrating on using these various devices rather than focusing on the music. This was not only applauded but, amazingly, pretty much adhered to through two sets. Continue reading “Judy Collins – Union Chapel, London, 20th January 2020”

Pick of the Political Pops: Drive By Truckers “Surrender Under Protest”

This week – once again – we are riffing on the broad theme of ‘democracy’ and how it manifests itself. We thought that this time around we’d look at how it’s done in America since we have a passing interest in things American (the clue is in the title). Now, we thought we knew a bit about their process here in the UK (the clue is in the title) but it really does bear closer examination if only to marvel at the intricacies of the thing. The “Youknaghted Staytes of Uhmerica” (said in our best/worst drawl) is a republic. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Drive By Truckers “Surrender Under Protest””

The Epstein “Burn The Branches” (Zawinal Records/PinDrop Records, 2020)

the epstienOxfordshire natives The Epstein return for their third album, which transcends genre-limitations with surety and flair. To say they are an alt-folk band or an indie-rock band is probably accurate, but to put them in either of these pigeon holes is to overlook one of the best qualities of the band. Their ability to effortless combine and alter genre conventions makes this album brilliantly listenable – it manages to sound genuinely fresh in an immensely oversaturated part of the sonic-landscape. Continue reading “The Epstein “Burn The Branches” (Zawinal Records/PinDrop Records, 2020)”

Matt McGinn “Lessons of War” (Binlid Records)

If there were an award given for the most earnest album of the year, then ‘Lessons of War’ by Matt McGinn would be a shoo-in. For his fourth record, the Irish singer-songwriter has collaborated with musicians from war-affected areas around the world on a 10-track collection of protest songs. The project, which took three years to complete, includes guest appearances by London-based Citizens of the World Choir – made up of refugees; Yazan Ibrahim, a flamenco guitarist from The Golan Heights, in south-Western Syria, and Seydu, a percussionist and philanthropist from Sierra Leone. Continue reading “Matt McGinn “Lessons of War” (Binlid Records)”

Nathan Kalish “Songs For Nobody” – Listen

Things are not going right for Nathan Kalish as he freely admits, singing “My career is like an accident” on this rocking cut from his new album also called ‘Songs for Nobody‘, which will be out on April 10th.  It’s worse than that – he’s even unlucky in love: “Maybe if I wasn’t dead inside I would stay with you the rest of my life / But I’m just passing by playing songs for nobody“.  It’s sad, but it sounds like a mini-riot at the same time . Continue reading “Nathan Kalish “Songs For Nobody” – Listen”