Video: Sam Lee “Lay This Body Down”

A beautifully directed, artistic video complements this excellent new song from Sam Lee.  His vocal range and characterful voice are real features of ‘Lay This Body Down’, which is taken from his third album, ‘Old Wow’, released at the end of January.  Produced by Bernard Butler (Suede), these songs sound deep and lush.  They often … Continue reading “Video: Sam Lee “Lay This Body Down””

Sam Lee “Old Wow” (Cooking Vinyl, 2020)

It has to be admitted, Dear Reader, that this writer isn’t a great fan of the folkier end of the ouvre. However, this writer isn’t an idiot (generally speaking) and can tell a bloody great record when they hear one. Which is what we have on our hands here, with Sam Lee’s ‘Old Wow’. This … Continue reading “Sam Lee “Old Wow” (Cooking Vinyl, 2020)”

Sam Lee Announces new album and new tour – All is new

It seems that everything Sam Lee attempts turns out to be just a little bit magical, and both his reinvention of Folk Song and his rededication to the craft of capturing songs from their Traditional singers has worked to prove the truth of that statement.  There are only a few musicians in any generation that … Continue reading “Sam Lee Announces new album and new tour – All is new”

Bonny Light Horseman + Sam Airey, The Lexington, London, 1st February 2020

 Remember when Mary Travers told Peter and Paul, “To hell with this, I’m through with this crap. Jerry gave me a call and I’m going to go sing with the Grateful Dead“?  Bonny Light Horseman surely do, and they brought that alternate reality to fruition in The Lexington for their first ever headlining gig in … Continue reading “Bonny Light Horseman + Sam Airey, The Lexington, London, 1st February 2020”

AmericanA to Z – Kathleen Edwards

I have a few somewhat niche musical interests: the first – unsurprisingly – is that of the Americana and country genres; the second – also unsurprisingly, since it was the era I grew up in – is alternative music of the 90s; the third – actually surprisingly – is that of Canadian artists. I’m not … Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Kathleen Edwards”

Dawn Landes + Jonah Tolchin, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, 8th December 2019

Dawn Landes is an artist that for some years now has seemed set for a breakthrough. That it hasn’t really happened for her is one of life’s mysteries. With a catalogue of fine albums to her name and a great live reputation, she has built up an enthusiastic fan base, just not in the numbers … Continue reading “Dawn Landes + Jonah Tolchin, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, 8th December 2019”

Nashville’s Sam Lewis heads to the UK next February

Nashville-based country blues and soul singer, Sam Lewis, begins a lengthy tour of the UK in February next year. Renowned for his rich soulful vocals, well-crafted songs, roots country sound and blue-eyed soul, Sam Lewis has collaborated with such musical luminaries as John Prine and Kacey Musgraves, while Chris Stapleton described him as “a modern Townes … Continue reading “Nashville’s Sam Lewis heads to the UK next February”

Sam Outlaw arrives in UK for dates

South Dakotan americana singer-songwriter Sam Outlaw has announced a slew (there’s a word for you) of UK dates from the end of this month, kicking them off in Oxford on 30th. The Guardian described his debut album ‘Angelo’ as “a polished and cosmopolitan west coast take on traditional country music (he’s called it “SoCal country”) … Continue reading “Sam Outlaw arrives in UK for dates”

Pick of the Political Pops: Fair To Midland “Amarillo Sleeps On My Pillow”

As you will know from last weeks ‘Pops’ political party conference season is in full swing. Indeed our own conference continues notwithstanding the fact that (a) we do not represent any political party and (b) there are those in our ranks who wish to ensure that we never reach any decision about anything ever.