The Brother Brothers “Tugboats EP” (Independent, 2016)

The Brother Brothers are in fact the identical Moss brother twins, Adam and David, and I should perhaps beg forgiveness from Adam and David now if I mix them up at any stage in this review.  Originally hailing from Illinois but now based in Brooklyn, NY, and with both pursing individual career paths, this six … Continue reading “The Brother Brothers “Tugboats EP” (Independent, 2016)”

Portland Brothers “First EP” (Sunday Mourning Records, 2019)

‘First EP’ is, um…, the first EP from Portland Brothers. However, this is not their first time making music together as band members Steven Adams and Timothy Victor are alumni of the The Broken Family Band which formed in 2001. Their meeting back then at The Portland Arms has surely played a part in the … Continue reading “Portland Brothers “First EP” (Sunday Mourning Records, 2019)”

Video: The Avett Brothers “Bang Bang”

The Avetts’ new album is on the way, the most political they’ve released and in this latest cut to be taken from the record they tackle gun violence. “Conceal and carry your fear,” sings Seth Avett on ‘Bang Bang’, “Don’t need no weapons here”. It’s as beautiful as anything they’ve made.

The Avett Brothers perform live on Jimmy Kimmel – Watch

North Carolina’s Avett Brothers have performed the songs ‘High Steppin’’ and ‘Trouble Letting Go’ from their forthcoming new album ‘Closer Than Together’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The band have also debuted the artwork for the record which comes out on American/Republic Records on Friday, October 4th which you can kind of see below, along with … Continue reading “The Avett Brothers perform live on Jimmy Kimmel – Watch”

Video Premiere: Portland Brothers “Shake Off The Dust”

You may not be familiar with the names but Portland Brothers are Steven Adams and Timothy Victor of the late lamented Broken Family Band, The Singing Adams and other fine outfits.  this is the lead track from their new EP, called, er… ‘First EP‘ and out on all the digital platforms on August 23rd.  Both … Continue reading “Video Premiere: Portland Brothers “Shake Off The Dust””

The Nelson Brothers “The Good In Goodbye” – Listen

Taken from the new album by the British duo ‘The Nashville Sessions‘, this track features Gretchen Wilson singing lead on The Nelson Brother’s ‘The Good in Goodbye‘.  It’s upbeat Country, with a nice line in sassy lyrics that drop in  a few familiar references : “You can bet I don’t regret it / I crossed … Continue reading “The Nelson Brothers “The Good In Goodbye” – Listen”

Songs for the apocalypse: The Avett Brothers “Mama, I Don’t Believe”

North Carolina’s Avett Brothers consisting of two actual brothers (Scott and Seth) along with fellow bandmates have been around for almost two decades now, and each album becomes more musically accomplished than the last. The San Francisco Chronicle described them as having the “heavy sadness of Townes Van Zandt, the light pop concision of Buddy … Continue reading “Songs for the apocalypse: The Avett Brothers “Mama, I Don’t Believe””