Americana artists come together for Palestine – here’s how you can help

Regular readers will know that AUK has long supported the Palestinians’ struggle for freedom and justice and so we’re really pleased to be able to share some details of a new project which is aiming to raise both cash and awareness for the ongoing dire situation which Palestinian children find themselves in. Music of course has always been a powerful force for change, and in the spirit of solidarity and compassion, a group of 21 artists have come together to create “Songs Not Bombs Vol 1” a compelling compilation album described as a “grassroots initiative created in direct response to the recent violence and struggle in the Gaza Strip.” All proceeds will go to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund providing essential support to children affected by the invasion which South Africa and many other countries have described as a genocide.

The project features contributions from a variety of hugely talented artists, many of whom we’ve featured on these pages, each bringing their own unique voice to the table. There are tracks from but not limited to – John Moreland, Carsie Blanton, John R Miller, Lizzie No, The Deslondes, Leslie Stevens, Willy Tea Taylor, The Montvales and a collaborative song by Grammy-nominated artist Cyrille Aimée & Handmade Moments. All featured tracks on the album are previously unreleased live or demo recordings.  Carsie Blanton, one of the contributing artists, shared: “I am happy to be part of this community of artists of conscience, and to contribute in a small way to the rich lineage of artists lending their voices to the cause of liberation.” For those passionate about the cause, “Songs Not Bombs” invites individuals and organizations to join the movement. You’d better be quick if you’re in the UK before the governement proscribe it (along with socialism – we kid you not!)

The album is available exclusively in digital format on Bandcamp via this link and has already raised around nine thousand dollars for the cause. We urge all AUK readers to support it if you can do.

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Andrew Riggs

Glad to see a good balance to this crisis.

keith hargreaves

Got mine

Andrew Riggs

Comes together for Palestine. Are you sure?


Do we have our very own troll?


Thanks for bringing our attention to this, Will buy. And Palestine WILL be free!