Video: Seasick Steve “Clock is Running”

The animated video for Seasick Steve’s latest single is simple yet effective.  ‘Clock is Running’ is a typically rhythmic, foot-tapping song with some excellent guitar and percussion-work.  The video was created during the lockdown – Steve filmed himself on the porch and then the animation was added by New Beach.  Stunning air guitar. Continue reading “Video: Seasick Steve “Clock is Running””

Cambridge Folk Festival announce first artists

With the tickets for this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival having gone on sale on the 10th of December last year it’s too late to say “this seems to come around earlier every year”.  And anyway, who wouldn’t want to know who the first major artists confirmed for this prestigious and long-running festival are? Continue reading “Cambridge Folk Festival announce first artists”

Seasick Steve, Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 9th November 2018

It’s a packed out Corn Exchange for the first night of Seasick Steve’s first UK tour since 2015. Much has changed since his famous Hootenanny breakthrough moment, not least that the audience is now predominantly middle-aged and male. The accrual of this particular loyal army of fans is, perhaps, one of the stranger parts of the Seasick Steve experience – especially considering that he first sailed into town on the same wave that had brought us the White Stripes and the whole Jack White (with whom Seasick Steve has recorded) ethos of back to musical basics. It is what it is though, and perhaps not so surprising as tales of the hoboing life have given way to songs about cars, women in the sunshine and…tractors. Continue reading “Seasick Steve, Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 9th November 2018”