Track Premiere : Van Plating “Mountain”

‘Mountain’ is taken from  Van Plating’s debut, self-titled LP, which will be self-released on November 15th.  It’s a song that has Rachel Plating duetting with her writing partner Bradley Walden, as they explore the nature of a committed love – and that includes the hardships that can occur, and that require a mutuality to overcome.  So, not just boy meets girl to spoon by the light of the moon. In June.    Rachel Plating clearly feels a need to move to the serious side, which certainly comes out of her more recent experiences: having taken a nine year break from her musical pursuits in which she started her family – and also experienced the pain of two miscarriages and a harrowing experience of having to say goodbye to her four children prior to an extremely risky surgery.  There remained though a need to get back to her musical passions as she says “If I’m not playing music somewhere, I’m shrivelling up and dying.” And it was this urge which led Rachel Plating to her vocal coach, Bradley Walden, who in turn encouraged her to write new music.  Soon after allowing their alchemy to do its work, the duo linked up with producer/mixer Courtney Ballard to produce Plating’s impassioned and eclectic debut album.

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