VanWyck “Towards The Sun” – putting down the baggage

It is great to be able to share a new song from the wonderfully talented VanWyck, especially since the uplifting ‘Towards the Sun‘ heralds a new album ‘Dust Chaser‘ which will be released on September 27th.  Following a while of not really playing due to exhaustion and a minor – but quite awkward for a musician – injury the return to a studio that created the new song was a time of re-inspiration and embracing of a freer future.

Towards the Sun‘ was also a one take recording, with the band taking a chance to work some musical magic, as VanWyck explains: “After our last tour finished, I was exhausted, my throat was hurting, my muscles ached, I felt dizzy a lot of the time and then I fell down at a party and dislocated my thumb. This brought on a forced rest and I got a chance to think about how I had gotten into this situation. I realised I had been carrying a lot of baggage that was not necessarily mine, a lot of grief and pain and a whole lot of guilt. It dawned on me that maybe it was time to let go of those feelings, that I was not helping anyone by taking the world on my shoulders. That it was in fact keeping me small, and that I didn’t want that anymore. I actually want the opposite: to be free and stand tall and enjoy the sunshine on my face. I decided to write a song about that, to keep reminding myself of that decision. And when the song came, it brought a sense of freedom that we also embraced in the studio when we recorded it: Together in one room, bleeding into each other’s mics, the drummer playing the beat on an old suitcase, the guitarist making up new tunings as we went along. It was a free moment and became the stepping stone for the new album.

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