Video Premiere: Madeline Rosene “Everyday Existential Crisis”

Here is ‘Everyday Existential Crisis’, the brand new single from Madeline Rosene.  The song is accompanied by a striking video, directed by Jeffrey Fountain, whose vision complements the anxiety and doubt highlighted by the song’s lyrics.  It opens with Rosene lying on her back, seemingly fallen and defeated, make-up smeared by tears, and then we’re transported into a surreal dream-like place that might once have been perfect but is now decayed and broken.  At times she finds herself in confined space, at others quirky camera angles sweep around her on the floor once more and, as the song builds and the angst increases, Rosene pulls apart a beautiful flower while delivering powerful lines like: “What kind of monster am I?”  The delicate musicality and sweet, melodic vocal make the words all the more effective and contribute to the sense of conflict in Madeline Rosene’s affecting performance.

Rosene says of the song and video: “As the title track of my upcoming album, my song ‘Everyday Existential Crisis’ and its music video, mean a lot to me. The lyrical and visual content speak to indecision, an inability to move – a kind of deer-in-headlights moment that lasts forever. Part of this indecision comes from being easily seduced by new ideas, people, places, and opportunities, and then results in attention deficit, and ultimately paralysation. I think a lot of people struggle with this as a regular routine in their lives, especially in the age of social media and ADHD. Sometimes these hesitations and irresolutions wind up hurting us and the people around us. The video really captures the lyrical themes with its sort of unsettling purgatory-like visuals. We’re all just making it up as we go, trying to love ourselves even when we don’t know who we are.”

‘Everyday Existential Crisis’ is taken from Rosene’s forthcoming album due out on 16th September 2022.  It’s the follow-up to her genre-defying debut ‘Raised on Porn’, which has been steadily building a fanbase and has now reached 85,000 streams.  With her smart lyrics, tuneful songs and angled view of everyday things, Madeline Rosene is one to watch.

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