Video: Stephen McCarthy & Carla Olson “Night Comes Falling”

Here is the title track from a new collaborative album from Stephen McCarthy and Carla Olson.  The pair have a hugely influential history in the music industry, with McCarthy having starred in Long Ryders, Jayhawks and Dream Syndicate, while Olson has found success as a producer, solo artist and the singer, guitarist and songwriter for The Textones.  The combination of such talented players means that their writing and performance is the stuff of Americana dreams.  McCarthy and Olson’s first-ever duet album, ‘The Night Comes Falling’, is due for release on 11th November.  This single from the album was inspired by Olson’s one-time singing partner Gene Clark, whose treasured memory and appearances in her dreams continues to resonate so emotionally for her.

Olson explains: “In the 1980s I performed live with Gene Clark and we recorded an album, ‘So Rebellious A Lover’. After he passed away in 1991, I found it difficult to listen to his songs without tears. He has appeared in my dreams for these past 30 years untouched by time and silent. Smiling but never speaking. When Stephen and I were rehearsing for a benefit concert in 2018, I told him about these dreams. ‘Night Comes Falling,’ both the song and the album, are the result of this conversation.”  McCarthy adds: “The idea for the song ‘Night Comes Falling’ came about at a band rehearsal in LA when I met up with Carla to sing a duet for a benefit. I asked her if she ever thought of her old singing partner Gene Clark. She mentioned that she’d seen him in a few dreams but that he never spoke a word. I returned to the East Coast and wrote the song based on that experience and Carla added lyrics as well. The contemplative thoughts of friends who’ve made a profound impact in our lives doesn’t come in the clear light of day but instead when shadows start to fall. The song is also meaningful because it was the initial inspiration for this collaborative album.”

Directed by Tim Roth, the accompanying video blends footage from two performances: one in McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Santa Monica and another at the Alex Theatre in Glendale.  It’s a real treat to see the on-stage energy they share between them and with the band.  Simply, this is an example of great songcraft, excellent musicianship and meaningful lyrics.  That’s what Americana is all about.  Enjoy.

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