Jim Basnight “Blow Your Life Away” – you’re going to be a musician?

Wow, dear reader, this has been a busy week – Americana Fest is two things, really enjoyable and knackering.  The things we do for you, right?  We’re music nerd saints and no doubts about it.   So it is particularly timely that the new single from the super-prolific Jim Basnight should appear just when we need it.  Prolific, but reliably power-pop-tastic, you can find way, way, more from Jim on Bandcamp right here.  ‘Blow Your Life Away‘ is from his ‘Early Years‘ release, and Jim Basnight explains it as “written in NYC, in the summer of ’77 at the Vanderbilt YMCA on East 47th Street and was recorded in Redmond WA in the spring of ’79. I was struggling to stay afloat in NYC when I wrote it and weighing what to do next. I had promised my grandfather that if I came back to Seattle, I would go back to school (I broke my promise), and I was conflicted as to what to do. I had given NYC everything and couldn’t quite keep up, but I was determined to not let go of my songs.”

Blow Your Life Away‘ is punchy – we’re out of here in less than two minutes, and has a bit of Dream Syndicate feel to it (but noting that of course it predates The Dream Syndicate).  The song features Jim Basnight (guitar and vocal), Steve Grindle (bass), Jeff Cerar (guitar), Bill Walters (drums), produced by Brian Fox and David Perry at Pacific West Studios Redmond WA, mastered by Garey Shelton.

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