Video Premiere: Deb Morrison “The North Fork”

Photo credit: Anna Azarov

Check out the premiere of the excellent new single from singer-songwriter Deb Morrison.  ‘The North fork’ has an engaging rhythmic groove and melodic guitar, over which Morrison’s tuneful voice is delivered with wistful character.  The song builds steadily until a fine, fuzzy guitar solo soars above us.  The song is accompanied by a very effectively shot and edited video, put together by Nic Capelle of Rockton Road.  Capelle and Morrison directed it together and it’s full of striking, vibrant colour and warm hues, with an emphasis on the quality of the light, especially when the setting sun streams through to the camera.  The filtering helps to create a genuinely nostalgic feel, in keeping with the song’s themes of looking back over life, rediscovering who you are, so that when you get lost you can find your way back to happiness, fulfilment and security.

Morrison has spent years singing, writing and playing bass in bands like Daisychain, Swing, Morrison & Company and the all-female The Wild West and now it’s time to go it alone.  ‘The North Fork’ is the title track from Morrison’s forthcoming debut solo album, which is due for release on 9th September.  The album gives life to the California of Morrison’s youth: big skies, hazy sunshine, desert plains and open vistas.

The daughter of an Air Force Colonel, Morrison spent her childhood moving from place to place, never really putting down roots, except for a period in Northern California, where she fell in love with the town of Folsom.  That was the one place that felt like home and this connection is referenced in the song and video.  The songs on the new album are largely inspired by Morrison’s life on the move.  She explains: “This album is like reading a paper trail I left for myself.  Moving all over the place was tumultuous and beautiful simultaneously.  I never really had a hometown because I was a military brat. I’m from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  Of all the places I’ve lived, nothing captured my heart and soul like the little river town of Folsom and the people in it.”  Putting such feelings into the words of song and delivering that so openly and effectively is what Americana music is all about.  Enjoy.



How did the video’s concept came together?

My brain works in pictures and imagery, so I see the visuals of songs as I write them, and sometimes even before. During the writing process, I saw myself driving out of the city with the windows down, my hand outside making waves in the wind, passing by blue and white Interstate 80 signs. When the line, “Her roots ran deep, in the oaks that line the river,” came my way, I knew it was time for a road trip, and that shooting the journey would be the video. So, we packed up the car and headed north!

What locations did you film in?

‘The North Fork’ is a nod to the rodeo river town of Folsom which is located near the convergence of the North and South Forks of the American River in Northern California. We shot in the old historic town of Folsom, in and on beautiful Lake Natoma, Folsom Lake, and all my old stomping grounds.

What was the specific reason you picked those spots?

As an Air Force brat, from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, I never really had a hometown. The years my family spent in Folsom left such a lasting impression on me that I decided to call it my hometown and I wanted to pay homage to it by capturing its essence.

What does the song means to you overall?

To me, ‘The North Fork’ represents finding a way to reconnect with yourself and the things in life that bring you joy. We live in a complicated, chaotic time and it’s easy to get lost. The North Fork is a roadmap I created for myself so when I’m off track and lose perspective, I know how to get back to what’s important, no matter where I am.

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Amazing!! Love it! Awesome and great video

Jude Bell

This is just SO GOOD!! Americana needs this kind of song writing and imagery—Deb Morrison. What a find!