Rachel Baiman & Mike Wheeler “The “Countin’ On You Sessions” (Tone Tree Music, 2020)

Raised in Chicago, Rachel Baiman has made her mark as a fiddle player in a number of traditional and folk styles. She’s also been more than busy over the last year or so with the release of a flurry of EPs and singles of which this latest – a collaboration with Mike Wheeler – is the latest. It’s a short series of well matched duets – with Baiman’s fiddle and voice perfectly complementing Mike Wheeler’s gruffer vocal and guitar playing. The pair have known each other for sometime – Wheeler was in a bluegrass band with Baiman’s husband. After that band’s demise, Mike Wheeler found himself drifting somewhat, before settling for a while in Baiman’s neck of the woods – Nashville. Continue reading “Rachel Baiman & Mike Wheeler “The “Countin’ On You Sessions” (Tone Tree Music, 2020)”

Rachel Baiman, The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, 22nd January 2019

Bristol’s Wardrobe Theatre is a bohemian gem of a venue in a neglected but vibrant corner of the city, offering up a mix of independent productions and cutting edge Americana to an audience made up of old and young. A taste for low key performances and local craft ale seems to be a prerequisite for this minimalist Victorian dance hall setting and tonight Rachel Baiman and friends touched down from Nashville to a seasonal West Country welcome. Continue reading “Rachel Baiman, The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, 22nd January 2019”

Rachel Baiman “Shame” (Free Dirt, 2017)

It’s been a while since Shirley and her illustrious Company castigated us (rather unjustly) for our collective inability, or flat refusal, to dance, declaring this to be a damn Shame, Shame, Shame. Anyone missing such admonishment should check out Rachel Baiman’s excellent new album. Shame may be on the agenda again, but this time the target of ire isn’t discotheque wallflowers, but the purveyors of organised religion: to be more precise, the tenets of the Church, which Baiman believes inculcate negative feelings of shame from birth onwards with concepts like Original Sin.  Continue reading “Rachel Baiman “Shame” (Free Dirt, 2017)”